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Logical, social, practical and sports intelligence. Seizing opportunities that pave the way to success.

The legal, financial, fiscal and sports expertise of LB3i Sports partners, both nationally and internationally, is a significant asset for elite athletes who must deal with increasingly complex professional contracts and business agreements.


To train and perform at the highest level and get financial support from the best sponsors, athletes have no choice but to count on their advisers who must show flawless honesty and integrity.

At LB3i Sports, our expertise and energy are entirely directed to the athlete, without any compromise.


The world we live in is enormously influenced by the image we portray and athletes are no exception to this rule. Behind all the different methods and networks helping athletes reach the pinnacle of their sport, you'll find traditional media and Web structures that boost their prominence.

At LB3i Sports, we strongly believe that all media forms should serve the athlete.

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